October 10, 2018
scientific evidence to fix cells in ear

A New Method For Repairing Cells In The Inner Ear

Damage to the inner ear has numerous causes. Dizziness, oscillopsia, and unsteady gait are the usual signs of an inner ear disorder. If the portion of
September 25, 2018
Biovariability and Its Role in Hearing Damage

The Impact Of Biovariability In Hearing Loss

Like many people, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation or two where the noise level is high and your ears are completely unprotected. You may
September 11, 2018
New Understanding of the Endolymphatic Sac

The Mystery Of The Endolymphatic Sac

The endolymphatic sac is an irregular, complicated shaped bag like structure in the inner ear. It is involved in absorbing and secreting, and it takes part
August 27, 2018
Man at work with hearing protection

Hidden Occupational Hearing Risks

Many occupations can be detrimental to one’s hearing ability. In fact, hearing loss is the most common work-related injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control
August 13, 2018
Woman talking to her father

Helping Your Parent With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a challenge for anyone to manage. It is essential to understand that hearing loss does not just affect the person who is experiencing

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